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February 1991 - October 1997

Idents [2] - Special

BBC Two ran quite a number of theme days/nights during this period, where the schedule would centre around a particular subject. Such occasions were often marked with the use of special idents. It was also common to have idents made up for a themed series of programmes which may have run for a number of days or weeks, or for special programme strands which had a more permanent place in the BBC Two schedule.

Above: BBC Two ident - A Taste of Japan [from September 1991 to November 1991]. Created for a season of programmes celebrating Japanese culture.

Above: BBC Two ident - DEF II Blade [1991/1992]. Used for links featured within the early-evening youth slot, DEF II.

Above: BBC Two ident - DEF II Copper Cut-Out [1991/1992]. Used for the DEF II strand.

Above: BBC Two ident - Pop Art [mid/late-1991]. Audio was the same as Glass.

Above: BBC Two ident - English [2] [October - December 1991]. Used for a season of programmes entitled 'Little England'. There were three versions of the 'English' ident; we believe that version 2 was the only one to have been aired.

Above: BBC Two ident - Rembrandt [March 1992]. This ident actually formed part of the title sequence for a series of programmes entitled 'Talking Rembrandt'.

Above: BBC Two Ident - One World [June 1992]. Used for a six-week season of programmes to mark the United Nations' Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992.

Above: BBC Two ident - Wet and Windy [May 09 1992]. Used to introduce an evening of programmes running under the title of 'Wet and Windy', about our national obsession - the weather.

Above: BBC Two ident - Billboard [introduced May 16 1992]. This ident was used during May 1992 for a season of programmes featuring new work by British artists.

Above: BBC Two ident - War and Peace [from October 03 1992]. In the five weeks leading up to Remembrance Sunday, BBC Two showed a 'War and Peace' season of programmes and films with the dominant theme of the human cost of modern warfare.

Five minutes after BBC One had scared the gullible silly with the Screen One drama 'Ghostwatch', BBC Two opened 'The Vault of Horror', an all-night Hallowe'en celebration of the perverse pleasure of being scared witless. Three special idents were used.

Above: BBC Two ident - Hallowe'en [1]. A spoof of Paint. The '2' gets spattered with blood, before falling victim to a chainsaw massacre, and having its top sliced off. Red paint and polystyrene bits everywhere! Dates back to October 31 1992.

Above: BBC Two ident - Hallowe'en [2]. The innocent '2' gets electrocuted by a pair of jump leads.

Above: BBC Two ident - Hallowe'en [3]. Not quite a shower scene, but whichever way you look at it, we see another '2' slaughtered.